December 15, 2017

2012 Garden State Dental Conference & Expo

  I hope that you were able to join us at this year's Garden State Dental Conference. Please let us know, in the comments below, which sessions you found most helpful. This will help us when planning future events. Thank you!   … [Read more...]

Dr. Lou Graham: Updates in Clinical Care

Thank you to Dr. Lou Graham for his educational and informative lecture!  Please add your thoughts and comments below. … [Read more...]

Comments Concerning Gordon Christensen’s ACDS Course

My comment to Gordon Christensen during his presentation to our study group this month that glass ionomers may be more effective fissure sealants than resin based sealants seems to be confirmed in a study by Antonson, et. al., in this month's JADA in which glass ionomers performed better over 24 months.  Gordon said resin-based sealants were easier to place in areas where saliva control was important. Antonson's opinion is exactly the opposite at least on partially erupted molars.  Why aren't more sealants done with glass ionomers?    Please add your comments below or introduce any other opinion about the content of Gordon's course. … [Read more...]